Sunday, November 29, 2015

the one who's right for me

there is an empty space beside me
waiting for someone who wants me
the friend who understands me
the lover who commands me

there is an empty space inside me
waiting for the partner for me
the one who cares about me
who shares everything

and life goes on from day to day
i run and laugh and work and play
and give my wealth and self away
cuz that's what makes me happy

but always there's a missing piece
that leaves this life incomplete
someone to share everything
and that is why i sing

love is my pot of gold
my ultimate goal
is to share everything
with someone who wants me

love is the mountain top
and i will never stop
until i find the one who knows
this is true

the door remains open
as i enjoy each moment
the hope remains a beacon
for anyone to see

as i love the joy of giving
and all the pleasure of living
i will never stop seeking
the one who's right for me

through all the ups and down
i remain a hopeful romantic
the empty space awaits
the one who's right for me

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