Saturday, November 07, 2015

the definition of delight

left to my own devices
whatever that phrase may mean
i would not sleep much at night
i'd make love till morning light
to one who makes everything right
never out of mind when out of sight
the definition of delight

what matters most in this world
is finding someone who puts you first
always who wants to be the one
who will do anything to quench your thirst

there are those who say love is illusion
a fantasy that we pretend is real
but then is god another delusion?
can you tell me how you really feel?

if you've never known belief or faith
in a power above any power above
then you won't understand this simple truth
no wealth can compare with true love

given the freedom to choose anything
i would choose to crown true love my king
and live for the song that true hearts sing
and the bliss that sharing trust can bring
knowing the most important thing there is to know
unconditional trust is everything

and when i am alone
up or down, but on my own
consistently my life has shown
this truth i've always known
even when i am alone

i still would not sleep much at night
i would pour my love into words i write
dreaming wide awake till the morning light
of sharing true love as a heart takes flight
knowing unconditional trust makes everything right
it's the definition of delight
the definition of delight

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