Wednesday, October 24, 2012


how i could love you
no words can explain
beyond the energy of stars
beyond the meaning of life and everything

how i could love you
reason must abstain
from any chance of understanding
the infinite desire that a heart can sing

a heart can bring the highest passion
and the most atrocious pain
there is nothing more intense to be
imagined in a brain

a heart creates a chain reaction
there is nothing more
that any life can be worth
than something to die for

as my heart trembles
when i am near you
my mind in shambles
as you bring clarity

as my heart defines
all that i can do
my essence in passion
as you render me

as my heart creates
all that i can be
as your heart creates
all that you can be
as our hearts create
all that we can be
the whole universe
renders you and me

and we surrender
to the infinity
and we surrender
to all we can be

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