Wednesday, December 01, 2010

there was a time

there was a time
not long ago
less than ten years
the words would flow
so full of hope
and dreams of love
the first promise
the memory of
the first passion
the innocence
the magic moment
the great suspence
the beautiful
innocent lust
love and trust

there was a time
the rhymes would flow
three four a day
creative glow
the mind would dream
the heart would speak
the spirit flew
above the peak
of every love
that came before
whatever was
that one was more

and she gave herself to me instinctively
and she gave her love to me innocently
and she gave her heart and soul and more
like no one ever gave before
the greatest dream ever dreamed
the greatest love ever loved
the greatest trust ever trusted
the greatest belief ever believed
the greatest greatest great
well, this was more

there was a time
when everything
was in her eyes
and the passion
between her thighs
was sudden bliss
and i was lost
within her kiss
and in her arms
and i could die
oh i could die
i could die
but i would live
and a day
just for one more moment
that she'd love me
just for each moment
she'd love me

there was a time
decades ago
when words would rhyme
and love would flow

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