Monday, January 29, 2007

love's song (2007)

how many times can a heart be reborn
before it is permanently torn?
how many times can hope re-raise a head
before it is permanently dead?

the dream of love seems distant now
as life rolls along
my heart may have forgotten how
to trust in love's song
a scary thought, fate worse than death
or just the way it goes
how many live this way each breath
is the answer, who knows

or who cares?
is it all as sad as it appears?
are you there?
lost somewhere in a dream on heaven's stairs?

do you remember goodness (please say you can)
do you remember kindness (brotherhood of man)\
do you remember laughing and trusting a friend
was that lost in childhood and why must it end?

how many times can a promise be broken
before a promise means nothing anymore?
how many times can faith in each other
be betrayed before it just closes the door?

on dreams of love we hold so dear
where does it all go wrong?
does the heart forget how to care
and trust in love's song?
how can we stop this living death
before it kills us all?
how do we remember how to hear
when love comes to call?

and who cares?
am I alone as it appears?
are you there?
lost somewhere in the spiritual despair?

religions show their try colors
when they try to tear each other apart
nationalistic endeavors
do more to divide than console the heart
science and social studies
prove only that there is more to know
we have lost faith where it matters
inside is where we need to go

will the hopeful bridge ever return
to this broken hearted melody?
can faith and trust be relearned
and put an end to this tragedy?
are you sitting there in your silence
asking yourself what went wrong?
what will it take to bring you back
to believe in love's song?

how many times can this song be sung
before enough people hear?
how many more leaders must be hung
before we get over our fear?
how many flags must be waved or burned
before we place value back where it belongs
how many plastic faces and glittered places
will distract you from what is wrong?
how long before gold loses it's appeal?
how long before we get back to being real
how long before you remember how it feels
to believe in love's song

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